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Ever wondered how you can access industrial-quality custom printing services, at a fraction of the typical cost? Inspirational, iconic, nostalgic — images have the power to tap into the most visceral of our emotions. High-resolution inkjet technology is capable of bringing those memories to life like never before. Whether for personal or corporate use, you'll find our new custom prints will set a benchmark for the quality you expect.

At iTi, we like to avoid technical jargon wherever possible but we're sure you're curious to know how our printing service differs from the rest. Simply put, as a supplier of powerful inkjet technology for industrial applications, we have equipment capable of printing with much higher DPI (resolution) than our rivals.

With superior technology, customer service, and expertise in 2D and 3D printing — iTi has emerged as a global leader in industrial printing. With our new custom printing service, these capabilities will be at the fingertips of consumers for the first time.

Prints and photographs have the power to immortalize the most special and profound moments in our lives. We can offer our service for everything from special family events to amateur photography, and from sporting moments to political milestones. The only limit is your imagination. If you hold the copyrights to the image, and it was taken legally, then we'll print it!

In this day and age, social media platforms have turned almost all of us into amateur photographers. Instagram, in particular, has emerged as an unlikely hub for all of our photographic forays. The new benchmark for an image's quality is its so-called 'instaworthiness'.

Carefully curated Instagram profiles have become a global sensation and obsession for many, as punctuated by this tutorial on mastering the service for best results. We can help turn your Instagram efforts into a tangible reality, whether you're looking to print your own work or photos from another profile. With our new service, you'll simply need to send a link to the photo in question and ideally a copy of the original image.

If the photo you request is hidden behind a locked profile we can still attempt to view it using readily available web tools. However, we'll need a permission slip signed off by the original owner to confirm you have adequate permission to print and reproduce the material in question.

Our new social and personal-based custom prints solution is arriving in late 2017. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact the team using our information below.

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