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imaging Technology international Corporation is a global designer, developer and producer of digital manufacturing systems that incorporate ink jet technology for materials deposition, and is a preeminent supplier of development tools for the ink jet industry.

In addition to our standard products for ink jet development and production applications, we draw on our industry-acknowledged technical expertise in industrial ink jet integration to design specialized equipment to meet unique customer requirements. We have a demonstrated track record of designing and developing complex, yet easy-to-use, systems on schedule and within budget.

iTi also offers independently developed piezoelectric and thermal ink jet print heads for applications that require unique proprietary designs. We have extensive laboratory and production facilities, including a clean room and a thin film laboratory.

With in-house experience and advanced tools, iTi can shape a world-class solution that makes sense for any ink jet challenge - even yours

Note: We principally dedicate ourselves to behind-the-scenes operations, supplying businesses and organizations with the equipment they need to meet customer challenges. We are often asked why we don't integrate into an end-user line of business, but we pride ourselves on our specialization supplying corporate clients. For print-work we suggest or seek out advice by consulting the Bloomberg list of print specialists.

The Future of Print. Where next?

We've been at the forefront of the print industry for enough time to offer a 20:20 perspective on the current, past and future trajectory for our clients. As many know, 3D printing is an area of innovation that is particularly exciting to the public. At iTi, there is a rich variety of services on offer, but we also drive growth through partnerships with other high-quality firms. This is essential when it comes to ensuring individuals and businesses have access to 3D Printers and other technology moving forward.

3D Printers represent the fastest growing segment of the global printing industry and it remains essential for forward thinking businesses to consider how this technology can revolutionize the way they produce and market goods.

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